Nomenclature Fever

by The Field Auxiliary

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Christopher Beucherie
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Christopher Beucherie I saw these guys at a club in Chicago in 2011 when they opened for PS I LOVE YOU. It was my honey moon and I was very impressed with them musically.
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Caustically ultimistic new full-length album by The Field Auxiliary concerning the futility of naming and the disease of knowing.

DOWNLOAD the "Calamity City" single here:


released June 12, 2012


The Field Auxiliary = rob jensen + josh kalvelage + jon ozaksut + dan smart.

Arranged and performed by The Field Auxiliary

Produced and mixed by dan smart @ ECHO/NORMAL

Mastered by Jason Ward @ Chicago Mastering Service

Cover photo courtesy the National Library of Ireland, "The Long Room" NLI Ref.: L_CAB_01200) French, R., & Lawrence, W. (. M. 1. (18651914)

Words and music by dan smart, (C) 2012 Diatonicynical Music, ASCAP

(((do o'er die)))


all rights reserved


Track Name: Against Walls (Greyed Rainbow)
I don't worry. I am never in a hurry. All day I could carry blue skies up above me. All day long, I don't worry. All day long I could carry on and on. I could just wake up. I could just walk. No walls. No long face. Just a wide smile for a short while. All my life. I don't worry. I am never in a hurry.
Track Name: Things I'd Never Say
Here comes old quiet to lull me on my back. Rain down, it's a cool trick, lukewarm, black drip. Fill my lungs with wax. Old heart murmuring, why won't you sing? Drowned out by the signal-cycling ho-hum. Sing me anything.

Don't believe those words ringing radiant and vain. You won't catch my heart singing words I'd never say.

Where is old fire? Why won't she wave?
What good are the flints and the wicks and the match sticks? There's no day to save.

What if I'm just cracking up? I am never wrong. But no one here is waking up. I can't go on/I can't turn off.
Track Name: Will For Food Split Infinitives/Sitting Spitting Infinitely
Right away. Anything i say i've got to say today, but i'm afraid of confrontation. I'm wide awake. Any steps i take i've got to take away, because i'm afraid i've got no place to go.

Another day, another time and place i can't quite calculate. I kind of hate that i can't get there. I can't wait. Call it fate, but i broke my only other way of taking it too slow.

All we are is what we ever thought aloud. we almost never wrote it down and read it over. Panicking, we can't remember what it was or why we ever thought that we'd be so much better off without the dates and records... now we're lost with no place left to go.

Right away. Anything i say i've got to say today, but i'm afraid of conversations.
Track Name: I'm All Teeth
Abandon ship. Abandon shore. I've got nowhere else to be. I'm half-awake. I'm half-in-love with every step i take. I've got an awful lot to see. And i'm not bluffing. I'm all for loving something. But one thing's hard when nothing is what you know.

Unbind my bones, i never want to feel attached to me. Unkind, unknown, unloved, alone, unreal, relaxed, and free.

I am a moth who took the night off. I'm not on fire, but that's okay. So watch me walk. My teeth could tear you up but i'm all talk. I'm getting close to having nothing to say. But don't say never. It's now or hardly ever. It's bad or getting better, and I don't know how to sever those things that go together. The traffic and the whether or not to go.

Consign my cares. I'm daring me to don't let's try again. Define me there. Take the where and then divide that by the when.

Goodbye my hopes, I'm coping just as sure as unsure can be. Unkind, unknown, unloved, alone, unreal, relaxed and free.
Track Name: Calamity City/Public Domain
I've got this song to sing. I've got this bruise to bring. Skin's just another thing for me to come down on. I'm slick, I'm coveted. I'm sick, I'm loving it. I've got this vague idea that something's awfully wrong. Oh, no...

I'm tough as fingernails. I'm brittle, pink, and pale. I can't make heads or tails of anything at all. I'm mis-malfunctioning. Pissed-off and puncturing holes in the luxury of flying off the wall. Oh, no...
Track Name: Dead Again (A Word With The Author)
Darling, dear, when will you disappear? Can you even hear me through this thick veneer of finite fog and fear? I nearly lost my head from everything I've read. This stop-gap system's dead. This path leads where it's led. So let's just go to bed.

Tomorrow we'll be miles apart. And muffled and dark we'll cup hands and hope for some kind of spark until god knows when. We've got no fire to lend. Cold and wet, we come from the water thirsting for a word with the author until, gagged and bound, we're dragged back down again.

Happy home, where is your perfect poem? Tell me how you've grown, and don't leave me alone. We don't need microphones for us to scream and shout. That noise just shuts us out every time we doubt the love we sing about. So let's be quiet now.
Track Name: Words And Music
Shaved and fed our daily bread. We're stained dark red by tainted pens. And all this bliss is emptiness. We've all got that. It's this we miss: a common cold, an open fist, a stronger hold on stiffer lips. But I'm not the one you think i am.

Pack my heart in black... Don't start. It's tactless art to hack apart the cautious way we cross our day. This loss, that gain, this soft refrain: I've come to kiss togetherness. We've all got heart; it's soul we miss. A common cold, an open fist, a stronger hold on stiffer lips. But I'm not the one you think I am, because I can rejoice. I think i can.
Track Name: A Straight Line In Curved Space
So there i go, i've spoiled your grace. The holy ghost will not show his face. For a while, we're lost, but it's only a meal. We don't want to talk. We just want to feel like we're safe.

But here's the kick: i can't make a sound. And i'm not tired, I'm just falling down. As I walked out, i stepped on your throat. I don't need to be proud. I just need to know that i'm safe.