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daybreak and wake up. where is your heart? you're feeling for a phantom limb. a cross for you to take up. when can you start? you're out of bed and wandering. but watch out: your vision is all in your head.

put down your pencil. pick up the pace. we're looking for the biggest bang. you're going to get a vengeful slap in the face if you don't tell me everything. but watch out: it's not a race you can win. don't look down: your feet are failing again.

one by one, your ambitions turn to dares. words weigh a ton, but a ton can't take you anywhere. when the feet you planted there get up and waltz right up the stairs, will you be prepared?

bend over backwards. where are you now? you're out of shape. you're upside-down. crammed into corners, plunged underground, you're soft, you're safe, you're lost and found. but lay it down: the heights are all in your head. turn the lights out and fight tomorrow instead.

on and on, all your diction piles in layers. 'a spoonful weighs a ton,' but a ton can't take you anywhere. when the words you thought were there get up and peel right off in pairs, will you even care?


from Bed Riddance To Rad Garbage, released May 10, 2011


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